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But why is the property b.prototype undefined? Isnt b.prototype supposed to return the reference to the x function?w3schools.com/js/jsobjectprototypes.asp says "Every JavaScript object has a prototype. Full Text Search: The Key to Better Natural Language Queries for NoSQL in Node. js.Anything that is not a primitive - undefined, null, boolean, number, or string - is an Object in JavaScript.Inheritance Using the Prototype Property. A prototype is an internal object from which other objects inherit A prototype is the object (instance), which is used as a, well, prototype, to create other objects by making copy/clone/howYouCallIt of it. The thing which is . prototype in JavaScript, is only present in constructors (so it is OK if you get undefined from anInstance.prototype The whole page is as follows. I am using prototype.I change to document.forms[selfregform], it complains document.

forms[selfregform] is undefined.script type"text/javascript" src"toolportaledit.js">