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MOUSE OPTICO GENIUS. the ps/2 usb likewise, some usb devices do not work with a ps2 adapter correctly.USB to PS 2 Keyboard Adapter. Related Images PS2 Controller Wiring Diagram. SKU: ps2 converter cable Category: ps2 keyboard to USB adapter converters.This is a specific ps/2 to USB KEYBOARD converter and it will not work as a ps/2 to USB MOUSE converter. Ps/s keyboard does not work with a usb keyboard adapter. Windows 7 Resume Loader USB Keyboard Problem. Windows 7 X64 randomly stops recognizing the keyboard.Installing XP with USB keyboard. The F8 Button. Ps2 to usb keyboard adapter on desk top not working? Details. Replacement USB Keyboard to PS/2 Adapter - F/M - USB keyboard to PS2 Adapter - USB to .

1.62 Add-on Item.This PS/2 -to- USB keyboard adapter did not work for me. How an USB to PS2 Adapter works. Basically the desktop PCs has PS2 interface to connect the mouse and keyboard. No modern laptop has PS2 ports to use these old Keyboard or mouse. The PS/2 to USB adapters I have tried thus far have not worked. Is there an adapter available that will allow this wonderful keyboard to work with a new computer running Windows 7? I see your website says the keyboard is compatible with Windows 7 PS/2 keyboard is not working at all. USB keyboard is working only before POST,I can work in BIOS. As soon as it starts booting from CD disc,keyboard fails to respond.PS2 to USB adapter for keyboard. I have an eMachines PS/2 keyboard that I have hooked up to my MacBook Pro with a PS/2 to USB adapter.2) Dont go through a USB hub. On my Mini, I get some strange results. Things like the keyboard works fine for a while, then acts like a key is stuck. Anyone know of one that works with Linux? Belkin make a device, (USB PS/2 Adapter Belkin Part Number: F5U119) but all the drivers are for Windws andI do not own a usb keyboard and probably will not for the next few years, but you can look it up here I purchased ps2 to usb adapter so that it will fit into my usb slot, but the keyboard is non functional.(it worked fine with older pcs when ps2 was the slot everyone used).

My computer is up to date in terms of microsoft updates and i am running A few will work because some keyboards with a PS/2 plug were made to also give a usable USB signal, but most of them dont if an adapter has already been tried and it didnt work it is probably for this reason. Bert Guest. I see USB->PS2 adapters for sale that claim to work for either USB keyboards or USB mice. Should any adapter for one device also work for the other, or is there something special about these? USB Keyboard adapter (USB keyboard to PS2 port adaptor).This is an active adapter so will work with both USB compatible keyboards, but will also convert standard older non usb compa No such thing as USB to PS/2 exists, only passive plug adapters, but protocol is handled in the keyboard controller. But why bother for an IC when you can get PS2 to USB dongles for a couple of dollars on Ebay? Its a PS2 and there are no PS2 ports in the computer. I bought a PS2 to USB adapter-- the kind thats green and the size of the first two joints on your little finger-- but the keyboard is still not reconized.Thanks for the recommendations on the adapters that work. This PS/2 to USB adapter lets you convert USB keyboard and mouse signals for connection to a PS/2-based systemYou may block or delete all cookies from this site but parts of the site may not work. 2. Remove the PS2 adapter, if necessary, from the connector end of the keyboard cable, and then. plug the USB connector into a USB connector on the computer.If you have another USB device try using that in the USB port to see if it works as the port or keyboard may be faulty. Just buy the Apple "Lightning to usb camera adapter". Plug it into the ipad 4 and plug your usb male A cable from the midi keyboard into it and fire up the apps. Works fine--I just tested it. ЮСБ переходник, USB адаптер, Переходник PS/2 to USB 2.0 AM (переходники с пс2 на мышь и клавиатуру) - Продолжительность: 2:34 IGOR Volkov 3 593 просмотра.Computer keyboard not working Solved - Продолжительность: 3:22 Sohan Balachandran 400 044 просмотра. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Can you convert PS2 keyboard to USB keyboard?Will a USB to HDMI adapter work on a TV? How to use USB 2.0 product in USB 3.0 port? USB Adapter for PS2/PS3 Controllers. ps3 controller driver windows xp. Купить USB to 2x PS2 (KEYBOARDMOUSE) active conveter, adapter wholesale lo. Ps 2 to usb драйвер- PS / 2 USB Mouse Drivers Download for Wind. Note: This is a replacement adapter that can only be used with USB keyboards that are both USB and PS/2 compliant. If you keyboard shipped with a similar adapter than this adapter will work with your keyboard. The keyboard works fine when connected via USB. The PS/2 ports on my PC are working too because Ive been using a USB to PS/2 adapter with my old Logitech keyboard.Anyone know of a USB to PS/2 adapter / converter that will work with this keyboard? Network adapter Startup-Disc [NTSC] ps2. (1.3 GB ). Wireless G usb adapter for windows

Minuum keyboard v1.2.6b - little keyboard for big fingers. (22.02 MB ). Wild adapter. Overview. Adapter. -Connects a USB mouse or keyboard to a PS/2 port.Answer: Unfortunately we dont have an adapter that will do that While this adapter will work with some KVMs for a single mouse or keyboard, however it will not work for a combo set. keyboard is working.actually its a USB keyboard with a PS/2 adapter so i can run it thru the KVM.I sent an email to Asus to see if they know whats going on. Seems I read someone having the same problem somewhere but I cant find that post. I loaned him my only USB keyboard because the new PC has no PS2 connectors.It has worked fine since with no problems. I bought him a PS2/USB adapter so he could use his old Dell PS2 keyboard and its not being recognized. i am trying to get my dell ps2 keyboard to work in a usb socket on my dell (win Xp)pc using a belkin ps2/usb plug in adapter. but when connected up keyboard doesnt work (no lightsnothing) All PS/2 keyboards tested worked fine when connected to native PS/2 ports. All computers tested recognized all other USB devices when plugged in. But no matter what we did, we couldnt get any system to recognize any PS/2 keyboard plugged into these PS/2-to-USB adapters. To install, connect the adapter to the computer using a USB A-B cable. Connect the PS/2 keyboard and mouse to the adapter, a few seconds after the PS/2 devices will start working. Computers were rebooted several times, PS/2 devices still functional. I have a Logitech 250 keyboard with a PS/2 connector and would like to connect it to a USB port on my laptop. I bought a keyboard PS/2 to USB adapter, but it did not work. Its a simple USB keyboard (no USB hub built into it). I tried to use a purple, generic USB to PS/2 adapter (has keyboard icon on it), but my computer would give a boot error saying that it couldnt find a keyboard.Anyone know of a USB to PS/2 adapter / converter that will work with this keyboard? There are some USB keyboards that are ONLY USB keyboards. They wont work with PS/2, even with an adapter. My friends OEM/Dell MS Natural Keyboard Pro that has only USB (not the dual usb/ps2 like my retail version has) cant do PS/2 at all. I put USB to PS/2 adapters in the console PS/2 ports and the mouse worked, but no KB.Did you try that USB->PS2 adapter directly on a desktop? Because I wonder if its just a problem with the keyboard. I tried a PS/2 to USB adapter but it doesnt work: windows tells me the hardware is not installed and can not be used. Hi daktulus, My PC-based MC has PS/2 mouse PS/2 Avid Keyboard attached to a Belkin USB-PS/2 adapter. Below is a picture of a PS/2 to USB adapter.Finally, keep in mind that if your mouse and keyboard has any extra functionality or drivers included with it, these may not work when using a PS/2 to USB adapters. I have, however heard of a USB to PS2 adapterWhy is my USB Male to PS2 Female keyboard or mouse adaptor not working? Windows XP doesnt recognize USB Mouse or Keyboard at all! AT to PS2 connector (adapter).The correct PS2 to USB connector for keyboard. This also works like a charm. It looks pretty and is smaller and compact. Hello, My keyboard and mouse ps2 ports (round green and purple ones) on the back of my PC arent working.Or would I be better off getting a PS/2 to USB adapter I have a 4 year old Compaq Presario SR2170NX, Windows Vita Home Ps2 keyboard not working in gigabyte 61. Need working keyboard to load xp boot floppys (Solved).I too wanted to change key-board from PS2 to USB but could not succeed. USB to PS/2 adapter not working? - AnandTech Forums. Its a simple USB keyboard (no USB hub built into it). I tried to use a purple, generic USB to PS/2 adapter (has keyboard icon on it), but my . Either finger which fastened is jailing six Columbia Pictures. Unfortunately my Acer does not come with a PS/2 port, so I purchased the PS/2 (female) to USB (male) adapter. I have tried a number of suggestions and none of them have worked.Does anyone know how to make my PS/2 keyboard work with my new system? PS/2 Keyboard to USB Adapter features a USB-A male connector and a 6-pin ( PS/2) female port, allowing you to connect a PS/2 keyboard to a computer through a USB port.I tried several cheaper PS2 keyboard to USB adapters. This is the only one that worked for me. USB ethernet adapter: Cable unplugged message while plugged in. 1. Ubuntu 12.04 USB keyboard stopped working. 1. USB ports on external monitor are not recognized.remapping CapsLock to Control when using a PS2-to-USB adapter? I bought from eBay two of these ps/2 to usb -adapters which I hoped to connect my ps/2 mouse and keyboard to my laptop that doesnt have any ps/2 ports. Unfortunately it seems that these adapters dont work the way I expected. I have a PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse but the Pi doesnt have any PS/2 slots. I could use a USB - PS/2 adaptor But is it likely to work?Just in case people dont know what a PS2 PS2 to usb adapter is, Ill attach photos. PS2 mice to USB should work. However PS2 keyboards may or may not work.The signals passed by PS/2 and USB have important differences and passive cables/ adapters from PS/2 to USB generally have problems. USB keyboards return status updates by default every half second in order to allow typematic (the function that causes keys to repeat when they are held long enough) to work[7] compared to PS/2 keyboards which do not return any statusA USB-to-PS/2 adapter does not have this problem. Or you can use one of these dual-protocol keyboards (PS2 / USB with passive adapter to PS2) - my experience is: connecting it to Arduino (with its passive PS2 adapter) does not work with every keyboard but with most of them. UK PS/2 keyboard, a PS/2 to USB adapter, and Win81.This key works fine on a new Win81 install on a system with a PS/2 socket, but using a PS/2 to USB adapter results in that key not working (the rest do).

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