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From Bagan Shwe Pyi to Inle Lake by bus.Please remember that though we are closely monitoring services, we are still an agency marketplace - meaning we focus on ticketing service and route availability / coverage rather than on factual seat recline angle you got today . OK got my basic route now and fine tuning.So my question is - the best route from Bagan to Inle Lake. my thoughts were catch bus to ? overnight - then to Kalaw for two nights giving me a whole day to explore Kalaw. Bagan to Inle Lake. OK got my basic route now and fine tuning.Train to Schwenyaung, and down to Inle Lake. Considered treking but heard the train ride was pretty impressive. Traveling late August into September. Overnight bus from Bagan to Inle Lake (22/pax, 11 hours). Day 13-14: Taxi to Blissful Hotel (2).But anyway youll be able to get bottled water easily from the villages and its really cheap too. Both nights were spent at a different village. Triposo is the smart travel guide. Get inspired and save places to the Triposo app. No WiFi?Enjoy sunset at Pyathatgyi Temple along Ayeyarwady River with boat. Overnight: Zfreeti Hotel or similar.

Day 3 Bagan Heho Inle Lake (B). Our friend managed to reach Inle Lake with little problems. Whenever he got lost he would ask a local farmer for directions to the next village, and they happily pointed him in the right direction.After Inle Lake we headed to Bagan. We really enjoyed the hike. Looking at bussing out from Inle Lake to Bagan. Any suggestions? 1. How long is the journey?Think I miss out the bus schedule for Yangon - Inle Lake. However, should I opt to take flight, where can I get the flight schedule and approx price? Travel Experience. Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake are four tourist highlights of Burma.During your Myanmar travel, to get around the city and admire majestic pagodas and temples, you can choose among a variety of transportation means, from taxi to horse-drawn cart. After your arrival at Heho Airport, you will need to take a taxi or bus to get to Nyaung Shwe, main town in Inle Lake area.The price for bus trip from Bagan to Inle lake is significantly cheaper than airplane (of course!). Shangrila Adventure - Myanmar - Travels Tours lissi 9 uutta kuvaa albumiin CYCLE MYANMAR - INLE LAKE TO BAGAN.Enroute, you get to see locals using bullock-carts to transport their crops, village kids waving at you from their homes. So pretend that we are in Bagan. Any suggestion for the tour?also we would like to go to Mandalay and Inle lake? How can we do that in just 4 days?Would it be enough to cover both places? Also, what is the most comfortable way of getting to Bagan from Yangon? From Bagan, Inle Lake can be reached by bus.

To be able to fully explore the beauty of the lake, the best time to travel is suggested from 8 p.m. previous day to 4.30 a.m. next day. The bus fare is 11,000 kyat per person. Train from Bagan-Inle Lake.The train will get to Thazi at about 7:00 am and get to Shwe Nyaung at about 4:00 pm. The coaches are old, not very comfortable. Find out more here. How to get to Inle Lake from350km. There is a local Inle Lake to Bagan bus, or increasingly more tourist VIP buses. Both take the same amount of time, around 8-10 hours and run daily and also overnight. Myanmar in late June and will be spending 3 nights in Bagan, we would also like to see Inle Lake and we are after any advice on the best way to travel there.Also is there any guided bus tours between Bagan Inle Lake?? We look forward to getting any feedback. Country: MyanmarRoute: Bagan Biking Balloon Mt. Popa Kalaw Inle Lake - Indein - PaO villagesGet up with the sound of nature and keep your pace downhill toward Inle Lake including trek to My second question is how to get in Inle Lake from Bagan/Nyaung U? is there a Bus or a Train and what do you suggest? Thanks guys for helping!For the transportation from Bagan to Inle Lake, I suggest you take a bus.

If youre in Myanmar and looking to get from Bagan to Inle Lake, I highly recommend that you visit Ever Sky Information Service at their kiosk on restaurant row and book your share taxi before it fills up. The same bus will go from Bagan to Inle lake as well. The ride took 8 hours and was nice. I looked out of the window the whole trip.Get a 40 Airbnb coupon Alternatively, JJ Express Bus operates a bus from Inle Lake to Bagan once daily. Tickets cost RUB 858 and the journey takes 8 h.How to get from Inle Lake to Bagan. Inle Lake to/from Bagan. Inle lake to Bagan is another trip that is firmly on the tourist route, it is approximately 350km. There is a local Inle Lake to Bagan bus, or increasingly more tourist VIP buses. JJ Express is the only big style bus that travels from Bagan to Inle Lake. The bus was super spacious and comfortable.If you are looking for the fastest way to get from Bagan to Inle Lake then there are flights available between Bagan and Inle. Hsipaw. We got the 12 hour train from Mandalay to Hsipaw, after running across the platform and getting on it about a minute before it left. The second half of the train journey is famous for the beautiful scenery and also going across one of the highest railway bridges in the world Hotels in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake. FlightsThe boat doesnt travel when it is dark, at least in dry season, to prevent it grounding so its possible to get a good nights sleep. We woke up at 6:30am, had a quick breakfast at 6:45am and a 7am bus pickup for the 7:30am bus, but we got picked up after 7:30am, and the bus left around 8am and made it to Inle Lake around 4pm.Balloon Flight Over Bagan, Myanmar in 4K (Ultra HD) - Duration: 7:48. This 8-day itinerary provides a local perspective on the main highlights of Myanmar — Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake.Explore villages built on stilts and floating gardens, getting a chance to learn about the life and culture of the lakes residents. The day unfolds as you wish- we suggest stopping into How to Get to Inle Lake: Inle Lake is part of Abercrombie Kents signature 10-day Myanmar the Irrawaddy itinerary, an excellent introduction to the country that includes two nights at the newly rebranded Sule Shangri-La in Yangon and a three-night Irrawaddy River cruise to Bagan on its smart After arriving in Bagan, youll have to pay 20 (or 27,000 kyats) for the entrance fee to the Bagan ArchaeologicalDuring your Myanmar travel, to get around the city and admire majestic pagodas and temples, you canIt will take an hour by taxi and cost 20 to reach the Inle Lake from Heho Airport. To use the promotional code CHINESE NEW YEAR 2018 when booking to get USD 150 off or 20 tour cost selected package holidays. ENDS IN. Bagan to Nyaung Shwe - Inle lake via Kalaw, full day trip by car. Vehicles are Right hand drive and are driven on the right side of the road. So in case the driver wants to overtake another vehicle, he needs to move towards left and check the oncoming traffic. While two days is enough for me to recharge and get ready for another bus ride, its definitely not ideal for those want to get some relaxation in with their sightseeing. If youre planning on visiting both Inle Lake and Bagan, I would budget 5-6 days in your itinerary. (And the fact that he tried to get more money from me at the end of the day because my 20 would go to the owner was just damn funny!)Tags: bad internet Bagan bicycle Burmese food bus chocolate horse cart Inle Lake Nyaung U Nyaungshwe overprices hotels sunset temples. Images for Bagan To Inle LakeHow To Get From Bagan To Inle Lake Myanmar - 2017 www.gettingstamped.comJoined Day Bus Transfer from Bagan to Inle Lake Смотреть видео онлайн. Bus from Yangon to Inle lake. Irene Reid- Dont Get Around Much Any More. Активируем программу Kerish Doctor 2016 v4.60 навсегда.A tour of the three most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar - Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon. MYA07: 8 Days Yangon - Bagan - Inle Lake - Yangon.There are a large amount of temples and pagodas scattered on the Bagan Plain, and thats the reason why Bagan got a reputation as "the city of millions of pagodas". We decided to take the Tourist bus from Bagan to Inle Lake. We woke up at 6:30am, had a quick breakfast at 6:45am and a 7am bus pickup for the 7:30am bus, but we got picked upI was excited to make it to Inle Lake and to celebrate my 45th birthday tomorrow (October 18) with George at Inle Lake. Since Im skipping Mandalay, Im getting an extra day in Inle Lake which, like Bagan, is so gorgeous. It has a different sense of peace though. Bagan- Spent the day in a horse drawn cart and climbing up the sides of temples. Planning our trip to Myanmar next February and want to travel from Bagan to Inle Lake - at the moment we are thinking of getting the overnight bus we have heard about on the Saturday night, but wondered if people had experiences of using it? Visit the cities of Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay Kalaw via gettingstamped.How to take the boat from Bagan to Mandalay - booking tickets, what to expect on board, the sights along the way and a short video of the journey. via indianajoblogs. Comprehensive and up-to-date information on how to get to Inle Lake and Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar (Burma), plus online transport booking.Bagan Nyaung U to Inle lake. Name. From. Plan to visit Yangon Inle Lake Mandalay and Bagan for about 2 weeks. We are very flexible. Several people have recommended traveling from Yangon to Thazi then to Kalaw by train then trekking to Inle Lake. The Yangon-Mandalay-Bagan-Inle Lake-Yangon infinity loop was the norm.When I first visited in 95 it took two days by pick-up to get from Bagan to Inle Lake meaning a stopover, most likely in Meiktila or Thazi. How to get around: Bagan is quite expansive and dusty, and can get quite hot under the hot sun.Inle Lake (Nyaungshwe). Cost: 10 USD entry fee, good for 1 week. Sometimes listed as Inlay Lake, this is a legendary highland lake located in eastern Shan State. Myanmar is awash in surprises. One of my favorite parts was landing in a country that is so obviously in the midst of rapid transformation. To get from Bagan to Inle Lake, David and I took a rather cramped tourist mini-bus (11 seater) for the 10 hour drive. Ugh. If you are now trying to plan your Myanmar trip and are wondering how you could get from Bagan to Inle Lake you could consider two options depending on your budget book a flight ticket or one for a bus. How To Get From Bagan To Inle Lake Myanmar - Complete bus schedule prices, recommended private drivers, flights times prices, and recommended hotels. See More. Inle lake to Bagan is another trip that is firmly on the tourist route, it is approx. 350km. There is a local Inle Lake to Bagan bus, or increasingly more tourist VIP buses.More coming soon How to get to Inle Lake from5.00/5 (100.00) 1 vote. Share this post There are many buses between Inle lake and Bagan. Best option is VIp night bus. Start from Shwenyaung at 8.00 PM, 8.30 PM and 9 P.M and arrive early morning in Bagan, may be 4 or 5 AM. How to get to Inle Lake. Inle Lake can be reached by air, bus or train.Several airlines serve Heho airport from destinations within Burma. Air Bagan offers several flights daily from Mandalay and Yangon to Heho airport. We were lucky with Inle Lake in terms of the hotel rooms were available straight away so we were able to get some sleep that night. Considering that Bagan Inle Lake bus was the most uncomfortable on this whole trip and the fact that they woke us (at least those who were sleeping)

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