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I had a difficult time finding a good example of highlighting the currently selected "page" in the navigation of a single-page jQuery Mobile app.navbar a).removeClass(ui-btn-active) I am having a problem with jQuery mobile navigation (navbar). I have 4 pages and Ive set the class" ui-btn-active" to a different one on each page I am having a problem with jQuery mobile navigation (navbar). I have 4 pages and Ive set the to a different one on each page For exampleset the link to href on the active button seemed to fix this for me. When i go to users.php he has to show the User tab as active. How can i fixed this?Yes, there is a way to change the active tab. From the documentation of jQuery tabs, you would use something like the following I have three radio buttons which have the same theme in jquery. If I select one of them, the color of the button will change to the color specified in my . ui-btn-active class in the css. My radio buttons are named Can meet, not sure and Decline. 2. Markup UI. Step 1: Define Type. data-role "listview".A few examples of how to markup user interface elements to be touch friendly. jQuery UI (User Interface) Hands-On Course!! jQuery UI Examples, Quizzes jQuery UI Projects. jQuery UI from Scratch.

Use active option to decide which panel to be displayed by default. I am having a problem with jQuery mobile navigation (navbar). I have 4 pages and Ive set the class ui-btn-active to a different one on each page I have few jquery-mobile pages and a global panel which act as a side menu.I try to add the ui-btn-active class to the li element (the li elements do not contain any a child), it seems there is no effect. Code. This example uses jQuery Mobile 1.4.5 and some functionalities are exclusive only to version 1.4 or above (once they become available).remove active status on a button if a transition was triggered with a button (back-btn).removeClass( ui-btn-active ui-shadow).css(box-shadow:0 0 0 tabId2).addClass(ui-btn-up-b).removeClass(ui-btn-active)How do I fire an event when a iframe has finished loading in jQuery? Is there an exists function for jQuery? How can I return a variable from a .getJSON function.

It shows the first tab as only active. Is jquery mobile not handling this.What we are doing here is binding a click event to navbar li element. When user clicks on navbar it will remove ui-btn-activ and ui-state-persist class from currently selected element. The ui-btn-active class is first removed from all anchors in thejQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library. When you use the .ui-state-persist class, youre are telling jQuery Mobile to make the li tag active no matter what page you navigate to.Nix the jquery script and the .ui-state-persist class and assign a background-color to the . ui-btn-active class like so. JavaScript. Bring Bootstraps components to life with over a dozen custom jQuery plugins.Bootstrap does not officially support third-party JavaScript libraries like Prototype or jQuery UI.