event is null or not an object webuivalidation.js





Actually, this error could cause due to multiple reasons. One of the reason is mentioned below: ASP.Net generates a lot of javascript, form code etc basedWhen generating objects, it assigns an id to it. If that id clashes with one of our web form ids, you might see this error theform.eventtarget is null I get a javascript error. The error says "event is null or not an object" The error seems to occur at the line document.nowstep.submit() The above has been working successfully until last week. Dont know why? The focus event can result from a focus method or from the user clicking the mouse on an object or window or tabbing with the keyboard. Selecting within a field results in a select event, not a focus event. onFocus executes JavaScript code when a focus event occurs. No issues with Chrom/FF. Unable to get value of the property nodeName: object is null or undefinedundefined. Any pointers would help.I thought this was fixed as part of Angular js 1.0.1 release. WebForms.js or WebUIValidation.js CDN. In the console, it was giving me two errors saying it could not GET these two files from the CDN It is giving me "null is null or not an object" error.Can somebody help me with this.Javascript error.

by TonyLeb1 5 years ago In reply to null is null or not an ob Wish testing was as thought of as in the past. I know that the file, WebUIValidation.js exists in the folder. But, it keeps displaying the message. How do I fix this problem? Thanks.Forum Feedback. General Discussion / Chit Chat. World Events.