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This can be accomplished strictly in the HTML by using Bootstraps " navbar-right" and "navbar-left" for the logos and then "nav-justified" instead of " navbar-nav" for your UL. No addtional CSS needed (unless you want to put the navbar-collapse toggle in the center in the xs viewport Bootstrap 3 navbar collapse. A Pen By Aurelien. Run.Use Left Layout.Use Right Layout. Log In Sign Up. Navbar Collapse [contains navbar components such as navbar menu and forms ] Align nav links, forms, buttons, or text using the .navbar-left or . navbar-right utility classes.Bootstrap 3 has some limitations with .navbar-right. Recommendjavascript - Bootstrap 3 Navbar Collapse menu at Left for left and right navbar items. a Service to deploy it. No problem with the entities, but now Ive created a service operation like this: [WebGet]public IQueryable PersonsGetAll(). Twitter Bootstrap navbar is the meta component that is responsive. Navbar starts as collapsed in the mobile devices.

. Ive made a few adjustments to your CSS and markup which you can view here.

One thing Id point out is that pull- right and the other pull and push classes are for rearranging grid columns. Bootstrap 3 Navbar Collapse menu left for left and right navbar items.Right now only the right hand side link collapses.