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jQuery Get Set Textarea text value | jQuery Get Set Textarea text value Example - We can use (selector).val() method to get and set the textarea value. You should check the textarea is null before you use val() otherwise, you will get undefined error.in javascript : document.getElementById("message").value. (textareamessage) cannot be undefined (if by you mean jQuery of course). i have this form and im trying to get the value from the text area. for some reason it doesnt want to.

jQuery - How to get selected text from textarea/input?Add a button that sends the text inside the textarea to the server when clicked. You can get the text using the value attribute as the poster before has pointed out, or using jQuerys API E.g. if I first set the value via jQuerys .text(foo), then manually change the value (entering some text in the browser into that text field), and finally get the value via .text(), it returns foo and not the current value of the textarea. Im newbie with jQuery. I Want to get value from these two textarea, I have html like this and jquery below alert(thought) ) Why only one value show up ? and how to get two value of textarea ? It should be easy, but Im clearly missing something. I want to get the text from inside a textarea, Id then perform a MySQL update with the textarea text.To get the text from an textarea in jquery i always use the following: < textarea id"textareaOfInterest">some value